Saturday, March 5, 2011

Having a do ?

The Telegraph has got sniffy about a party to mark Jana Bennett's exit from the role of Director, BBC Vision. It estimates the wine and canapes event, for some 200 guests, might have cost up to £4,000 "depending on the quality of the wine".  And, after all, she's only moving "next door" to BBC Worldwide.

A BBC spokesman downplays the event , as being "held in meeting room", as if that makes any difference. And points out that her leaving present, a telescope, was funded by donations from colleagues.

The cost the papers always miss in these stories is the video - a collection of tributes from stars and peers that actually takes a producer, crew and editor over an average working week to make. If properly priced, you could add a nought to the Telegraph's estimate of the event cost.

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