Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Good with words

I've belatedly found an Accenture report on what to do next with the BBC's flailing and failing Digital Media Initiative, (not to be confused, as I previously did in this post, with a DMI internal report commissioned from two Accenture secondees, which caused a bit of a hoo-ha at the most recent meeting of the Public Accounts Committee).  The glossary is fun - it smacks of a project rather too pleased with its own cleverness, after rebranding DMI as "Fabric". Here are some samples, full of delightful project guff.

CASHMERE: A project in JIRA that is maintained by the business users and not by the DMI team. As a resource it feeds into the Fabric Archive Product Management Group (PMG) and is used to drive discussions about future requirements and possible Roadmap items.

JIRA: An issue and project tracking software used by the BBC as part of Agile methodologies. There are numerous programmes in the system, with projects underneath each one, e.g. DMI>Perspex.

JUPITER: A project for Journalism designed to migrate Journalism video content and World Service audio content into Fabric. The Jupiter News system packages are archived to tape. These tapes are stored in TVC basement. They will be moved to a temporary digital shelf in W1 by Journalism and then migrated to Fabric via an interface with Jupiter. The same interface will be used to migrate ongoing Journalism video assets and to retrieve them from Fabric too.

PERIVALE: A location in London where physical assets are stored. In this document, Perivale is also the name of a project not within DMI, but that has dependencies on DMI. This project is focussed on the import of encoded or transcoded content presented on the network, and sharing into Fabric WIP and Fabric Archive

PERSPEX: A JIRA project. This is where all business functional and non-functional requirements and improvements for Fabric Archive are currently stored. Perspex replaces Velvet, and is where new requirements accepted as in scope for Fabric Archive are created.

SILK: A project in JIRA for Production Tools and Digital Archive high level requirements.

VELVET: A project in JIRA. This is a repository for Fabric Archive requirements that is in the process of being shut down, and replaced by Perspex.

Meanwhile the report also reveals that the End to End Digital project, which is the new moondust offered to the Public Accounts Committee by Director of Operations, Dominic Coles, is called Pasadena. Don't get me started.

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